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Meet the Judges

Awards International's are the most fair and objective business awards! Over the last decade, we have led the way with improving the transparency and quality assurance of the scoring of awards entries. Many others are now following.

Our credibility owes everything to the quality of our judges.

Judges are selected based on their expertise and experience. We are proud of their professionalism, expertise and commitment.

Many have judged for us ten times or more in the last decade; they see it as a vital part of their personal growth and development.

Our judges enjoy being a part of our community, across numerous awards and the many different opportunities there are to raise their profiles and make new connections.

Awards International Judges are also eligible to join The Judge Club.

Apply to Judge

Asim Hussain


DJ Armin

Managing Partner

Hamad ALMansouri

Managing Director

Biljana Prlincevic

Head of Assets Unit Development

Fahad Al Ismaili


Jeffrey Asselstine

Founder and Managing Director

Joanne Burnell

Operations Manager

Karim Badreldin

Chief Executive Office

Mohamad Rabih Itani

Chief Sales Marketing Officer - URC

Natasha ElMahi

Managing Director

Rim Bdiri

Co-founder and Managing Director

Shahid Hassan

Executive Director