KAIZEN's Best Use of PropTech

Kaizen is a property management company founded in Dubai in 2006. In the last 15 years, they have established themselves as a distinctive brand on the UAE market. Having earned the trust of notable clients, such as Emirates REIT, EMAAR Properties, Meydan, Al Futtaim and many others, they are true leaders in the real estate industry. Their managed properties have some of the highest occupancy rates across the UAE.

They also entered the Gulf Real Estate Awards on two separate occasions, in 2018 and 2019, and they were Gold Winners on both occasions! As one of our top participants, we want to break down their award-winning entry and show you why it impressed our judges.

That's why our Business Writer, Tom Fairbairn, did a Case Study on their winning entry in the "Best Media and Communications" category from 2019. The document comprises their full entry form, feedback from the judges, as well as 3 best practices to help your business. You can download it for FREE here.

The Golden Initiative

The ‘Bridge The Gap’ gap initiative was a market transformation movement project through which Kaizen and its external stakeholders developed, created and shared PropTech, ConTech(Construction Technology) and Smart Real-Estate-focused media content. They wanted to spread the word about this emerging technology: after all, in 2018, more than 12 billion US dollars was invested into real estate technology, more than triple the amount invested in 2017.

With this initiative, Kaizen aimed to establish themselves as PropTech leaders in the UAE by both increasing asset value and lowering costs through technology usage.

The ‘Bridge The Gap’ project emphasizes the technological advancements in the market as well as the innovation that Kaizen has deployed as an Asset Management company. It helped Kaizen reach a circulation of over 3,5 million copies and host first-of-its-kind industry events:

* SmartInvest Series: Part 1 focused on technology and regulatory impact on portfolio performance, and part 2 focused on the technology edge- Why REITs have to evolve intelligently.

* ArabNet Real Estate Tech Forum 2018: Kaizen and Arabnet hosted the first official real estate technology forum in the Middle East in April 2018.

* PropTech Middle East 2018: The Summit is set to become the Middle East's leading event for real estate professionals to share their knowledge and visions for the future. Over 650 leaders in real estate met on in October 2018 at Sofitel Palm Jumeirah to discuss innovation and the built world.

Kaizen also produced original and innovative PropTech content covered by major media outlets like Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Zawya, and Arab News. Kaizen’s CEO, Fadi Nwilati, was one of the first individuals in the GCC Real Estate sector to do TV and Radio Interviews on PropTech and Co-Working in the region.

To gain full access to the details of this incredible initiative, plus valuable insights on how to improve your business, download the full case study here. And if you're looking to share your own success story and get recognition for your team's continuous efforts, apply for the Gulf Real Estate Awards '22 here.


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