5 Tips on Keeping your Customers Happy

It's not a new rule that the customer is always right. Whether we're talking about washing cars, ordering food or renting houses, interaction with people who volunteer to pay for your services is a constant factor in all businesses.

There are so many competitors in every field of business. What will separate you from the rest? Becoming a favourite company in your local community. But to become one, all you have to do is keep your customers happy and treat them with respect! Honest word of mouth from a satisfied customer will bring back more new customers than any marketing campaign!

We want to let you in on a set of often disregarded simple tips you can employ to keep your customers happy.

Make your customers feel important

Call your customers by name. It's just about making business a bit more personal. Show them you remember them. Simply using their first or last name will go a long way in making you remarkable in the customers' eyes.

You'll get bonus points for inquiring about a detail you recall from the last time you met them. Staying updated on your customers' plans will surprise them and make them feel like they're appreciated more!

Listen to your customers carefully

This point seems obvious, but you'd be amazed how often companies ignore it! When your customer is interested in a certain site, you should make sure they don't need to repeat themselves on any details. We are aware that multi-tasking is often considered a plus in today's business world, but it can make your customers feel neglected and unwanted. Try to give them your undivided attention.

If you are on the telephone, rest assured that customers will hear you mashing buttons on the keyboard. So make sure the sounds they hear are relative to your conversation with them.

Appreciate your customers’ time

We cannot stress enough how frustrating it is to feel like you're wasting your time! Time is a limited asset, meaning that no one likes the feeling of losing it unnecessarily.

Always try to be on time when you've arranged a meeting to show them a house or a building. Simplify or, if possible, eliminate complicated voice mail systems, listen to your customers attentively and have a well-prepared answer to their potential questions. Remember, customers' time is as important as your own - because, without your customers, there would be no workplace to go to.

Reward customers' loyalty

One of the ways to make your customers smile is without a doubt providing more than promised. Whenever possible, surprise your loyal customers by throwing in a little something extra, waiving a fee or getting them a small gift.

Let your actions speak more than your words - they will feel special if you show your gratitude for continual good business.

Kindly ask for feedback on your services

This practice will again show your clients that you care about their experience and that you listen to them. Real estate business is specific, so what you think your customers need might not suit the needs of the individual customers. It will also give you free information about your possible points of improvement. It's a win-win!

If you believe your customers are always satisfied with your services - we invite you to test that by applying for our Customer Happiness category at the Gulf Real Estate Awards '22. Compete with the other top-notch companies, compare other approaches with yours and learn from them.

There's no better way to attract new customers than having a trophy saying CUSTOMER HAPPINESS in your office!


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